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About Pro-Line Photography

Pro-Line Photography is located in the beautiful Fraser Valley in British Columbia. John Kellett and Peter Friesen formed Pro-Line Photography in 1997. It was a success from the start. They purchased a state of the art digital photographic processor and immediately started producing digital photographic products never seen before.

Bill Fowle joined the Pro-Line Team in January 2017. Bill has a lot of experience with kids and sports photography. He is a friendly, easy going guy who knows his stuff.

We know that our exciting products are only 1/3 of the business battle. Service, more service and then some more service on top of that enables us to keep our customers very happy and satisfied. "We are very aware and concious of the fact that without the service, our business will not succeed." It is with this in mind that we have moved forward very succesfully. We are continually upgrading our cameras and photo lab, not to keep up... but to set the industry standard.

"When Pro-Line is on-site, we know that the job will be smooth, on time, and professional."

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